Morning Meeting 2016.2017 (Homeschool Snapshot)

Circle Time. This happens twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Sometimes called Morning Meeting. Sometimes called Afternoon Meeting.

Oftentimes, the most precious time of my week.

Every year, I print myself a little itinerary and I put it in the front of my binder with print-outs of the Scriptures and poems behind. I follow that itinerary doggedly. It is the flashlight shining on the thorny way, at times. It helps keep us moving along, which is needed! I also have benedictions/blessings printed out and placed in there for me to choose from as well as a Scripture prayer I pray over the children at the close of each meeting. I also try to have a sweet treat ready to elevate this gathering and generate anticipation!

Here’s what we are doing this year:


Hymn Sing/Prayer Requests

Scripture Memory

24 Family Ways

Gratitude Journal

Poetry Focus

Poetry Review/IEW Poetry (learning level 2 this year)



Literature Study on Tues/Shakespeare on Fri

Fine Art Appreciation

Composer Appreciation

Prayer & Benediction

* our Scriptures

Psalm 100, Psalm 1, 1 John 3, Phillipians 4:4-13

*our potential hymns

Old Rugged Cross, Fairest Lord Jesus, This Is My Father’s World, A Mighty Fortress, Christmas Hymns

Breakfast Hymns: All Creatures of Our God and King, And Can It Be, Amazing Grace, Morning Has Broken, We Gather Together, Come Thou Fount, Praise to the Lord

*our poems

September Midnight by Sara Teasdale, God’s Grandeur by Gerald Manly Hopkins, A Bird Came Down The Walk by Emily Dickinson, Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost, Children, It’s Spring by Mary Oliver, Autumn by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,Artillery by George Herbert,The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry, The Smile by William Blake, The Coming by R.S. Thomas

Poems for Review: If, The Eagle, A Psalm of Life, Tyger, The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls, The Children’s Hour, Bicycle Ride, Weathers, Crossing the Bar, Gratefulnesse, Hope is the thing with feathers, Stopping by Woods, Two Roads Diverged in a Wood, The Wind; IEW Level 1 Poetry

Are you having a circle time/meeting time this year? Has it blessed your school? Do you include any rituals to invite beauty, life, and grace? I am thinking about some fresh rituals for our routine.



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