First Day 2016/17

We began school on Thursday and all in all, I think it went very well. There is always so much joy in the calling, and I am always surprised and grateful when it floods me. Yet it always does. Such confirmation.

The cuteness of the kindergartners is enough to burst the cheeks from grinning. There are also strong emotions as they figure themselves out side by side with someone else.

We also had ‘waterworks’ as Ama would say because they were denied the ‘right’ to share their little sister’s preschool workbook. I just laughed. They have their own, large, brand new stack of school books. Crying could not sway me. 😉

I will try again to start the day with beauty and light. We did today. I think it makes a difference! And coffee. Lots of coffee. 🙂

I am thinking about doing a little homeschool series, highlighting different areas of our school, what we are using, and how we are doing it. I always enjoy such posts and learn a lot, even when it is completely different than what I would use.

I am realizing that these are the last two years. The last two years of our school expanding, expanding. In two years, seasons change again, and we start to fledge. I think I will begin to group college aged children together when that time comes and take their photos. Because they will still be my darlings and my ministry even as roles change (they shift each year of life, yes?) I pray God helps me figure it out as I need to.





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