Endless Gifts: Its September


Feeling completely underneath the mountain, as I begin to organize next school year. I remember my dear friend who said: you are always just one roll from being on top your game! Just keep rolling that ball. (We have now begun our year and all is *mostly* organized.) It took August. And now, its September and we have begun and I am walking in grace and seeking God. I still have so many piles.

A maybe “final” swim at her house, and what will I remember? All the grace poured out on me, on us, as my children rub elbows with each other. I’ll remember.

Meatballs in the crockpot. Meatballs over rice.

Safe travels for a weekend ‘home’


Joshua swimming in the deep: he graduated.

Norah, jumping off the diving board to Todd. Again, again. She is so brave and courageous. So satisfied with stretching out, stretching herself and these adventures. She goes boldly forward. I love her.

Micah- beat Grandad at basketball. And this is a day to remember.

the electric bicycle

tents in the backyard.


A brother, at the grill, in the widest brimmed hat, cranking out the hot dogs and hamburgers

Mini-figure joy and she came home with the ballerina. Love.

Couches with my sister. And a helpful talk.

A surprise for my Mom- that was truly a surprise and a bakery cake after all these years…

and that said… finding a kosher bakery… and how the tastes brought back childhood memories for my Mom

my two aunties and my Mom. I grew up in the sunshine of their love for each other. Still loving after all these years… and the sisterly kiss as they say goodbye and Todd, “its like I am looking at the future…30 years from now” They love. I love.

Me, in the pool, every morning, after long years of no swimming. Thanks to a beloved Aunt and a wonderful, long black swim skirt. And also, babies getting bigger and puddle jumpers! Those things have turned our swim times(with little non-swimmers) around!

time to sit and talk with a dear friend, eat salads and desserts, and hide away from the crowd

Talking til 3 a.m. with my brothers and a french pressed tea pressed deep into my heart. I cupped it like I cup him, to my heart.

Cinnamon Rolls for a first day breakfast, and pictures, and kindergarten and the day my small one sat in my lap for three stories. She is so busy, I treasured the soft weight of her and her sweet head under my chin.

Pretty hair for my girls.

The last summer squash cake. Devoured.

Walks at our “MD greenway” and my favorite are the sunset walks when the trees blacken and the gold streams out across the sky

two sweet girls who held hands with my darlings, listened to their chatter, and added special fun to a walk

the sudden change in air, the weather. Out of nowhere, after a summer so hot, I sometimes felt choked, autumn strokes my cheek in promise. When its 100 degrees, its hard to believe it will ever be crisp and brisk again. It will. It is. And I just can’t get enough. Wind, sun, cool air, freshness. I watch leaves begin to twirl at a house I love and my heart knows its promise.

The butterflies. They are here too. The Swallowtails. They are here. And they soothe my soul and comfort my heart. And the magic of their flutter- what can compare? It is like they bless the days- as they glide by.

I, trying to soak the sunshine, cause I remember so well all those long gray days last winter… when it feels hard to remember the sun can shine so bright. It can. It will.

The seasons roll with a predictability that ought to bring comfort. I am like a child. I can’t see. I need to trust. Trust and rest in each day, each season.. and remember those words she said to me… all the sincerity shining from beautiful eyes, from many goodbyes, from relentless change… “Just treasure each day. Treasure each day. That’s all you can do.” If I live my life, treasuring the days, will I accumulate for myself, a necklace of the most priceless jewels? I will wear it round my heart, and at will and whim, hold one gem to the light, where all the love and beauty will catch the moment’s color. It is the way to make them mine forever.

The hawk gliding, the breeze blowing and all the senses alive, the sounds, the feel, the fresh breeze smells, and his music on the bluetooth, where ever he is, singing our hearts out, … into the summer, this summer that is spinning its glorious self out. Stretching these last golden days… September.

Endless Gifts. Even in the hard. I find You.


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