I am sitting on the floor in the family room. We are in a full out hustle to get the laundry all put away. Three little girls are folding towels like champs. I am impressed with their skill, accuracy, and speed. (I come to learn they have recently been under the tutelage of their Dad in this area.)

Then suddenly, little Aymee announces, loudly:

“One time, when you were going for a walk with Ms. Laney (yes, this is what she said! She got the name wrong in a delightful way and I changed spelling for privacy but too cute not to share!), Melodee made a mistake- (dramatic emphasis!)

“Melodee put the towels in the trash can!!!”

The trash can opens with a foot pedal. The drawer opens with a pull of the hand. I am trying to see the connection here. They are both located in the kitchen.

We are in the family room. Melodee is busily, at this very moment, putting kitchen towels away in the drawer- in the kitchen. She is coming quickly back to the work before us and says,

“Yes, I did.”

And then!

“I picked them out! And I didn’t wash my hands!”

This is said with dramatic emphasis- because they know how I feel about washing hands! Very important in our family. And they are very sure they are completely shocking me.

But! O But.. the next part of this tale…!

Every little girl is brimful of the effect this shock is having upon me. Every little girl is seeing a certain humor in this situation. Eyes bright, cheeks puffed. Tale told.

I am all, all astonishment! Complete astonishment. So then I gently ask,

“What did you do with those towels?”

“I picked them out and I put them in the drawer.”

O my.

So. We had a little chat about what to do should said children ever again accidentally make the mistake of putting towels in the trash can and that we should always WASH OUR HANDS!

Apparently, this was last week some time. So, we made it through all those towels- with no apparent ill effect. Thank You, Lord!

The Things They Say (and do!)