the swirl of hair on the nape of her neck

How she throws her head back and laughs overflowing

Her little cackles, chuckles, delicious giggles

My girl, Mellie, saying, “I want to go outside and smell the air and pick the flowers…”

Norah saying, “So yummy good! And good! And good!”

The Black butterfly, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, that felt so free and comfortable to float round and round us on a Friday morning washed in sunshine

Chocolate Cake

My friend sent me home with a zippy bag of tea, and when I went to the website to find its name- to share it here- I found a Downton Abbey Tea! O! kindred spirit. Too fun!

The recent day she (Aymee) learned to pump and swing all by herself…and how she flies- so high! My heart.

walks at ‘sandy mountain’

haircuts for all us girls, O! “crea clip” how I love thee! And how I love all of our hair and forever the fun of keeping it pretty.

A “spa day” for my little girls with hair cuts and showers and toe nail painting

The hepa filter with UV light on the HVAC that is literally changing my life. I am shocked at the difference in myself. Shocked- and SO so SO so SO happy!

The grand expanse of sky turning gold, flaming rose pink, with always that hint of indigo and blue

Deep and heartfelt talks

Somehow, it all working out for music lessons again for fall

the way the water mirrors the sky and suddenly, I think I might have made a leap… that verse where God separated the waters from the waters…pondering

Open arms of forgiveness and soaking all that it means

Aymee and Mellie folding bath towels- that seem giant next to their five year olds selves… and Mellie, in a firm yet sweet way, exhorting her sister to stay out of her space as she stretches that towel long and works to fold it neatly

candles on my table and yellow squash cake and blueberry bread and goodness

warm teas with collagen, comfort

a swim skirt!!!

a drive in the rain and a comfy cushy couch and a sweet friend’s listening ear and all the rich beauty, and the frog that hopped at my feet, and the way the air was so full of creature song, and the arms of trees

eating the mouthful of bitter, the gravel taste, the choke of it, swallowing it down and finding out, its all okay on the other side, its all okay when the journey takes you longer and farther and harder than you hoped and learning again and again how to give it all to God

looking at the hard and at the regret, and so grateful for the chance to get up again and do it better in His grace

three boys drawers, organized (mostly)

Scout shirts brightened for a new year

always counting all these endless gifts, grace in my days