We have welcomed a Ruby-Eyed White Netherland Dwarf Bunny into our family. Pippin. He is the longed for and beloved pet belonging to Abi and Asher. They researched bunny breeds and saved for three years to provide for and purchase him. He has already grown quite a bit and our whole family deeply enjoys his antics and sweet personality.

Cat and dog ownership are completely out of the picture for our family first, because of the incredible allergies we have to those pets. Second, for many other practical reasons. So, the first happy news was when we learned that we could actually own and care for a Bunny! There was the Christmas three years ago, when Abi and Asher were given a research rabbit book to begin educating themselves about owning a rabbit and all that would mean.


Christmas 2013

There were discussions with aunt and cousin about Netherland dwarf rabbits and how to care for them. There were visits to Ama’s, enjoying Skitch, the little grandbunny of Ama, and tender watch of cousin and Aunt. He is their beloved prize and Abi and Asher enjoyed learning about him and spending time with him.

There was the answer from our landlord that we were permitted to have him. O, happy day!

There was this! Pippin as a wee, wee, young lad. 🙂

Baby Pippin

Some photos of our journey to Pennsylvania to receive him from my sister and niece and the journey home.



We found a vet and made one good use of him already. I had my head stuffed with more bunny knowledge than I thought I needed to know!

He brings a lot of joy to every one of us.

Pippin (Peregrine Took). Our hobbitish bunny who lives up to his name and enjoys many a meal. 🙂