A coffee with a sweet friend from church and the promise of another time

gathering with dear friends from ‘North Carolina’ traveling through, Ranch!, the music, O! seeing their dear, dear faces, the joy of our fellowship, Celtic fiddle- how this blessed me, the comfort of their friendship

so grateful for the internet and the ability to stay connected with friends in different states

A blessing of Maryland: swimming opportunities and the dear people who offer them

Pippin the ruby-eyed white. Life is blessing and brings great joy, even the sweet, precious life of a small bunny. God’s creatures are a comfort.

A gift from my mom

School books getting organized and going up on the shelves for the new year and all the while we soak the last days of summer and a more open schedule

Chili and Rice and Fritos and Dairy free toppings and the friend who brought me this meal and the way I have been making it ever since, –Β you are in my heart forever

the way she described their local coffee shop, the colors, the textures, the tones, it has stayed with me, lighting up in my mind (and Trader Joes, too!)

Courtney. Our walk. The laughter. The talks. So so good! Swims at her house and the gentle way she tends to those around her- me, my little ones.

Everything blurred- over the last few weeks. And, when I lay back against the chair, the couch, and let my heart rise up in overwhelm… it is the this song. This– that is preaching to me. And, refreshing myself in every lyricΒ of this song. And oh!! It is. It is everything. Close eyes. Breathe deep. Jesus! This song has been knit in me for years. And it is still speaking to me.