The cold spray of a water balloon releasing in my hands

Their happy shouts and gallops about the yard

Getting the bushes trimmed while they play, happy

amazing home-made by me pizza  for Summer Camp

Their eyes when I say, “How about some bacon on that?”

her waving goodbye with clutched flowers in her hand

The nap time break every afternoon of summer camp week, with the door shut, and the air purifier on. It is amazing what that does for me!

“Build Your Kingdom…” by Rend Collective

Their teen music

A walk (several walks and a picnic dinner) at the place that is an small echo of our Carolina Greenway with my six younger children, listening to the birds singing, reciting excerpts from “We’re going on a Bear Hunt…” as we go through the small wooded section… and they squeal and tell me to stop. 🙂

Abigaile’s schedule that is guiding us smoothly through camp week

Pictures of the bunny!

Bunny supplies enroute, for our new little family member

The profusion of pansies in the barrel

Writing nights

The goodness of a walk with the wind in my face

My little blond girl chasing butterflies

My big girl carefully seeking birds

The 1.99 any size Mocha frappe at McDonalds. Terrible for my healthy eating plan- but, O! I needed it that day. And it was good. And I am grateful. And the five minutes I drove a little extra down the road with the music loud and the air in my face and the children happy with drinks… and who cares if Norah spills all over her shirt because it is only water for her and her sisters next to her and I change her when we walk in the door. And ice water from McDonalds is a special experience. The straw, the ice, the cup. Its the little things!

Watching the sun highlights shine out in her golden brown hair… just like mine when I was her age. Just like mine. Her hair all streaked with gold.

His full out leap onto the slip and slide. No holds barred…and the exultant delight with those satisfying slides into the spray.

The sun and the wind and the birdsong and the butterflies

Only two more sleeps….one more sleep… they are home!

I stare at their faces. I study their countenance. My heart eases. I can’t get enough of each one. I feel the deep exhale.

All the little movies I take all week long… of our adventures here. And we swap camera movie clips at the end of the day…we get to see the Scouts and they get to see us. Goodness.

and I wield my camera like a light, shining the victory, shining the happy, shining joy. Shining out over the ache, the weary, the hard.

Wrapping grace round me like a shawl, and faith believing for it to soak deep in