This past weekend I completed my third Summer Camp Cook Day. I am including our menu below for future reference. The camps are always gracious to provide their weekly menus and we always look them over and then plan accordingly- so they are slightly different each year. But I have decided having a reference point would be very helpful so I am going to log it here.

This Cook Day was unique because Todd had a mid-term exam that day and therefore was not available at all until 7 p.m. that night. I had completely forgotten about this and was refreshed in my mind Friday night. Oh! And then I started the day unexpectedly running errands and ended it with the final cooking of wedged potatoes. 🙂 and the organizing of the medicine bag/kit our son takes everywhere and especially to camp.

I thought that perhaps this post should be titled- “How an INFP cooks for Scout Camp” when not able to accumulate everything entirely before the Cook Day begins… ! Grin. It was a bit haphazard at times.

All of Asher’s food was prepared by me with some help from children, and I must say, I think it turned out super delicious!  It is a good feeling to send them off with such great provisions. Micah also eats from the coolers because much of the food is not compatible with his lactose intolerance. It is a great help to him, also.

Mainly, I want to remember the fun moments. Racing through stores with Nathanael and stopping for an unexpected chat with a fellow Mom at another.  A little reprieve! for sure. There I was, in the self checkout at one store, hustling through- holiday weekend= craziness! and my phone rang. And I had to answer it, because it was the plumber and he was calling to say he was on the way to look at some small leaks so there I was, on the phone and hustling through the checkout with the piercing stare of the people behind me upon me. I whisked through! Those of you who know me well can probably imagine how I was feeling- given how much I dislike taking phone calls/ talking on the phone especially during such a setting! I am pretty proud of myself for managing to coupon, pay, and business call all at the same time! and keep up the pace for the people lined up behind me.

The atmosphere in the kitchen was a little tense at times… but we managed to smooth it out and make it through. Micah walked by as I was cracking dozens of eggs for the Egg Bake I was making. Crack, down, Crack, down and he remarked, “Mom, what is this- desperation egg cracking? I have never seen you crack eggs like this before.” Desperation egg cracking. How I laughed! He was so right. I was a woman on a mission! And I was feeling a little desperate- manning the family/house and the cooking while Todd was taking his exam. Asher chose fun music and then just for me, put on Rend Collective- and O! Love! Such a great moment…

and he slipped on the floor at one point and all I saw as I walked into the room was what looked like an incredibly graceful dance move complete with jump and leap! So light on his feet and how I laughed!!

Asher learned to grill hamburgers on our indoor grill the- George Foreman. How the boys pondered the name of the grill! Ha~! And to make pancakes. He did an excellent job! This was a highlight for him. Apparently he has wanted to learn how to grill hamburgers and cook pancakes for a long time, now. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Grilling suits him perfectly. 🙂

I ran into trouble with the cans of kidney beans for the Chili and Nathanael came to the rescue and calmly helped deal with our electric can opener while I was working with the big pot on the stove and trying to peel back the metal cans and rinse the beans in the colander.

Micah and Abi had little girls out to the swings and entertained upstairs again and again and again.

There were many other details with helps for different things.

Part of the fun on Cook Day is making plenty so that lunch and dinner for the children are just feasting on what is cooling on the table. Pancakes, Chili, Pizza, whatever is there!

Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins, Pancakes, Individual Cereal and Rice Milk, Egg Bake Squares

Lunch: Pigs in a Blanket, Tacos (meat, lettuce, tortillas), Shredded chicken and rolls, Pulled Pork and Rolls, Pizza Slices (Bacon and Ground Beef, Chedder Daiya and Prego) PB and J, Lunch Meat

Dinner: Sausage and Bread, Shredded Chicken, Pasta and Ground Beef, Hamburgers and Bacon Wrapped Hamburgers, Shredded Pork, Chili

Sides: Green Beans, Broccoli, Wedged Potatoes, Applesauce in individual cups. Chopped Romaine, Baby Carrots, Peaches, Cherries, Maple Syrup

Dessert: Oatmeal Cream Pies, S’Mores Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar, Rice Krispy Treats