Father’s Day Weekend was a grand celebration. Todd likes to claim the month of June as his. 🙂 His birthday frequently falls on Father’s Day. We had a wonderful gathering the first weekend in June for Micah, and dear friends of ours were there. My sweet friend, the wife, has a birthday that often falls on Mother’s Day (as do two of my children)… and her and her husband’s solidarity with Todd’s experience was revealing to me. It is hard when your birthday falls on another celebrated day! Especially when you are a parent and it is a ‘parent’ day that is the other event. I think it is hard when you are grown-up and it seems ‘easy’ to let it be minimized- but the longer I walk this path I’m on in the Lord, the more convinced I become that special days are important. They are opportunities for honor and for relationship building and for memory making. I was renewed in mind to celebrate Todd for the great Dad that he is and also to celebrate his birthday! And to make sure it felt like both and not just one all smooshed together. 🙂

Grace fell upon me and I realized we would split the weekend and celebrate his birthday on one of the days and Father’s Day on the other. I say grace fell upon me because the whole week prior I was consumed and so very worried about pressing issues in other areas of our life that I could hardly think straight to plan a birthday.

I enjoyed several shopping trips with different children and one, in particular, blessed me, with his special gift and loving heart toward his Dad.

We had a wonderful weekend full of so much great food!, movies, game playing (not by me), and an evening walk …maybe- two?

Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish Rice, a special Salad with crushed garlic and Italian dressing, Watermelon- the birthday feast.

Banana cake with Strawberry icing. This we got to share with my Dad as we enjoyed this on Father’s Day and that was very special! Both being able to visit with my Dad on Father’s Day and also sharing birthday cake with him.

We had Cinnamon Rolls and Scrambled Eggs for our traditional birthday breakfast and our regularly scheduled but always amazing Saturday night Pizza. Todd did make this… this is his specialty.

I love you, Todd!