For many years, I have entertained hopes of the children enjoying the summer joy of firefly catching. For many different summers, it has been hard to get out there. This summer, we are enjoying this fleeting season almost for all its worth. Beginning with Summer solstice…and continuing on as we are able.


And, O!  The things they say.

My little one… could not be convinced to call this blinking creature anything other than…”butterflies”… no matter how many times we told her they were “fireflies” and how astonished she was to hold one in her hand and watch it light! It was almost the first thing out of her mouth the next morning…complete with hand motions for the “blink blink” of the “butterflies”

Melodee, who burst into tears two nights in a row when it was time to come in because she had yet to catch one,

asked the next day, “Tonight,  are we going to catch flutterflies?”  and then

as she was speaking, my little one chimed in…”When the dark is down?”

And she did catch more than one this night.


And I watched them trail across the grass, heedless, eager. The oldest of this bunch is 10 and he proceeds more cautiously, softly, attentively.

He helps and catches some for small, insistent sisters.

I didn’t enjoy this night for all itself, was worth. I wish I would have. But I am grateful for what I did receive and capture and O! I am so grateful for the beautiful ones who stream across our yard and hold light in their hands


and lay it down in the grass in wonder.