Potty Training. I am not good at it. Never more than now has this been apparent. I do chalk some of it to having so many different things- plates in the air if you will,… I was slightly better at it 10 years ago. Slightly.

Anyway, the other day…

I am hustling around to get my little girl on the potty…

I am getting ready to get her all set up with a little game, a cushion, and other comfort measures. Yes, I was. And said little girl is standing there- waiting somewhat patiently and with loud voice asking for this, for that.

Her twin (successfully potty trained for many months now)is on the outskirts of the scene. Dismay is traveling over her face. Her eyes are wide…she starts to protest- when….

from the twin “in training” loudly and emphatically-

“Melodee, you’re already growned up!”

“Growned up” twin effectively silenced.

The Things They Say