My Joshua turned eight on Mother’s Day this year. So precious.

His interesting perspective and original remarks add such color to our lives!

We had quite the extended weekend of celebrating with the cello recital, his birthday, Mother’s Day, and Abi’s birthday. 🙂

Eight year old Birthday Interview

1.)Favorite food- Chocolate Cake 🙂

2.)Favorite book- Redwall

3.)Favorite Hymn- Come Thou Fount

4.)Favorite Song- Restart by the Newsboys

5.)Favorite color(s)- Gold, Red, Blue

6.) Favorite day of the week- Sunday

7.) Favorite instrument (this seems to change frequently! this interview took place right after he had enjoyed a visit with his cousin who plays this instrument. grin.) -Trombone

8.) Favorite animal- bunny

And one to grow….

9.) Favorite place he’s been- Ama’s house!

God bless you, my son.

Second Timothy 2:1

 You therefore, my [a]son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.