Last week, I was driving down the road with a small passel of my children. My girl, picking up a thread of conversation we have all had time and again asks ,

“Do you think a bird will ever sit on my hand?”

To which, I give my standard answer, “I don’t know, Abi…”

There was some mingled chatter  about her birthday bird feeders and getting them set up. Some remarks possibly made about Abi being out and about in the yard, amongst the birds. Van conversation, music playing, windows open. Vents blowing. Little girls in their row. Boys behind.

Then suddenly, from the back of the van, I hear one son firmly direct some advice to Abi-

“You’d better keep your mouth closed!”

My ear twitches. Did this child just say and mean what I think he did?

So… tentatively, I ask…

“Why, why must she keep her mouth closed?”

To which- he earnestly replies, “So they don’t see her teeth and get scared away!” They being the birds as I suspected!

Oh!! Immediately an image pops into my mind of Abi, canines bared. The laughter just ripples through me.

The Things They Say. Joshua.