Tonight, I had the fun of finishing the movie Lassie with my oldest girl. Just the two of us. She was quite dismayed, however, at how different the movie was from the book. This past year both she and Jonah read Lassie as required literature reading. She emphatically remarked to me that they ‘skipped’ over this entire part and that was ‘totally’ different multiple times. πŸ™‚

Later, we were downstairs in the kitchen… moving on toward the end of the evening. We were together with Todd and Jonah. Sharing our happy news, details of our girl time, and how cute the ending of the movie was… to which…suddenly, Jonah, amidst the clatter of the dishes Β he is diligently putting away declares,

“The movie was nothing like the book… I was outraged!”Β 

During his most recent illness, he caught up on a lot of movies, including Lassie.

I laugh. And state, “And that’s why you read the book before you watch the movie!”

Todd and I. The outrage. We laugh. I rumple that lovely, buzzed blond head.

The Things They Say. He’s Ten.