Note: My children read this blog and they love to look back at our memories. It was specially requested that I record this treasured event. 

One day, in November, I sat in on Nathanael’s Cello lesson. He had a new teacher for this past year and she was defining some of her teaching strategies. She asked him to consider preparing for a Solo recital that would stretch his performance skills and would involve memorizing every song in Suzuki Cello Book 1. Around this time, he was facing the end of this Book and eagerly looking forward to moving ahead to Book 2. Choosing to perform a Book 1 Recital would mean his Spring semester would be deeply focused on Book 1. Ultimately, this decision led to a deep perfecting of his technique which will benefit him in every way going forward- but we didn’t realize that at the time! After mulling it over in his mind for a week or so, and with some discussion from me, he agreed to the challenge.

With guided help from his teacher and a lot of focused practice, he succeeded in memorizing Book 1. He played Minuet 2 for the Spring Recital which is the last piece in Book 1.

Several weeks later, it was time. First Solo Recital. A 25 minute event. He was ready. He would play 17 pieces from memory, accompanied by his Cello teacher. His recital took place on May 7, 2016 at 3 p.m. It was held in our home.


I have been completely captivated by the beauty and artistry of the strings and it is something that has taken me completely by surprise. I had no idea I would love it so. Life takes some alluring turns, walking hand in hand, with children.

We shopped together, the Thursday before, for pretty flowers and other things. I planned a cookie reception. I had delighted little girls helping me bake. Helping Micah, too, as he made one of the recipes with one twin on each side of him.


We honored the day with special clothes and tablecloths, candles, and flowers. We rearranged furniture to accommodate the two cellos best.




A happy amount of people were expected to attend.

Nathanael was the first student at his music school to perform a Solo Recital.  He was also the first person in our family. He paved the way and now more students are getting ready to present their own special recitals. They created a new award for First Soloist and unexpectedly presented it to him at the finish- adding more honor and specialness to what was already an amazing day.


The day was full of grace. The music, so beautiful. The conversations afterward, so enjoyable.



And we were so filled with a joyful delight in the accomplishment of our son. All the effort, time, and diligence he invested… it was truly a delight to behold and I could barely keep from crying again and again.

To our family, who came in from out of town, you crowned the day in a way so special, I don’t know if I can accurately define it.

To Nathanael, I hope you know a little of how proud we are of you! The  beauty and life you bring fill our hearts with overflowing joy. Cello was completely unexpected, and O! how beautiful the surprise.


If you are getting this in email…click over to the blog for a minute and a half (or so) sample of his music. 🙂 I don’t think the link shows up in email. And then  there is also a link to his performance of Minuet 2 at recital.