Today is Joshua’s birthday! With great joy, anticipation, and excitement, we celebrate.

I am blessed to be in a clean, sunlit-slant kitchen first thing.

Todd has joined me and with him, three small sweet girlies.

I am bustling about beginning to set out supplies for our traditional poster making.

Eager eyed little girls are watching. Curious and, twitching to work with art supplies.

I tell them I am getting ready- for – today is Joshua’s birthday! He is eight years old, I say. I gather the pink art bin to return it to its shelf. And as I go…

A little voice pipes up…”Does that mean he gets a big plate?”

Oh, how we laugh in joy with our small, delightful girl.

In our house, when you turn ten (double digits) you move up to a grown up size dinner plate. Little eyes are always watching as this observant comment illustrates!

So, I explain to my girl, he is not double digits yet. Double digits gets the big plate.

I only have four in little plates now.

My heart.

Melodee. The Things They Say.