I have been slowly working my way through this Bible Study: Thirty Days in Colossians 3

It has been a sweet blessing. I am currently at the day where you paraphrase Colossians 3. I have been taking my time with this lesson (day)and just focusing on one or two verses at a time and rewriting them. I plan to “sit” here until I feel its time to move on to the next day. I almost abandoned this study and went forward with other Bible Time things. I am glad I did not. Encouragement for moms like me, I am not even sure when I started this study. It was a long time ago. Little by little. Every small step is a worthwhile investment.

Anyway, in my car, I have this CD: The Word of God vol. 8 Seeds Family Worship

I turned it on as I was driving my ten year old to a hospital in another county for pneumonia and other testing.

And then. In the dark of the night. As we were driving home, this music was our accompaniment. The soundtrack of my thankfulness and relief, grace, and yes, my seeking heart. Abundance. Driving home.  Blood work looked very good. Chest xray clearly showed pneumonia. No mystery revealed. He is still very sick and I am still stunned right open and pinned by the headlights of life. And trying… to roll so many cares on God. How do I roll?

And, these songs. Especially tracks 2 and 11 I was able to meditate ( chew, munch, mull over, ruminate) on all the deeper because I have, little by little, and very imperfectly, been spending time in Colossians 3. Lit up like gold in my heart and in my mind.

The dark of night. The wide road. The beat of praise. The heart of God.

All’s grace,