-Anne wanted to do a hundred things first…hug everybody…run out in the twilight and gather some of her pansies…you found pansies everywhere at Ingleside… – LM Montgomery in Anne of Ingleside

-Rilla was leaning out of her room window, dressed for the dance. A yellow pansy slipped from her hair and fell out over the sill like a falling star of gold. -LM Montgomery in Rilla of Ingleside

-Nobody can keep on being angry if she looks into the heart of a pansy for a little while…-LM Montgomery in Emily Climbs

And they are so lovely, velvet soft and glint golden colors, happy faces that seem to smile as they raise plucky little heads up and about. Such richness!


Patch of Pansies house-side in the mountains of North Carolina


Barrel of Pansies house-side in the suburbs in Maryland

“We are all responsible to keep a light burning in our souls and that beauty is one of the most profound fuels for that fire. Creating a beautiful environment and appreciating the joyful moments in the midst of a fallen, sad world not only nurtures the light in our souls but also helps give light to others.” Sally Clarkson in The Life Giving Home Experience (March chapter)

As I knelt beside that barrel with my precious second born son next to me, helping me, I felt a deep peace and soul satisfaction work its way down in through my soul. It was good. It is good. It is good to create space for beauty. I hope for more. And every day throughout this season and the next two… we will smile and care and notice and tend these sweet pansies.

Pansies transplanted in my heart.