A picture is worth a 1000 words..or so…’they’ say.

I am a word girl. I can’t ever quite seem to grab in photo what imprints on this heart and mind. (But I try… and  O! I am going to keep on- especially since I was just so heart- inspired and pressed deep by a sweet friend’s words about photos and life and love- . So much pressed I am laying it here in ink.)

So this.

This girl. This get-up. It’s all her.

And I, well- lately, I’ve been immersed in a project that has me face to face with photos from 5-8 years ago.. and…little tousled blondie haired boys peer out at me from just a blink ago.

So, I blink,

and here she is. Red, crinkly tutu with golden sequins and trailing ribbon, toes peeking.

My heart.