Micah turned 16 on April 12th… we celebrated with great joy that day and then again on coming Saturday with Dad… and will again- with a family and friends gathering in June. Sometimes having your birthday fall right in the heat heart of tax season has benefits. 🙂 How I love this son of mine.

Birthday Interview: 17 things about Micah

1.) His favorite color is Red

2.) His favorite breakfast is Oatmeal Bars

3.)His favorite dinner is Dad’s Pizza

4.)His favorite book: Chuck Black’s Wars of the Realm series

5.)His favorite holiday is Christmas

6.)His favorite birthday present: Movie Tickets  Suprise from his brother

7.) His favorite dessert is Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar

8.)His favorite school subject is History

9.)His favorite place he’s been- Washington D.C.

10.) His favorite hymn- Crown Him with Many Crowns

Micah Playing Crown Him at the Spring Recital

11.)Favorite Song- Real Love from Hillsong Young and Free

12.)Favorite Scripture Psalms 127:3-5

13.) Favorite musical instrument- Guitar

14.)Favorite day of the week- Friday

15) Something he is looking forward to…PGC Basketball Camp

16.)Favorite beverage- Cola

17.)One to grow- favorite movie- Beyond the Mask

Birthday Blessings Micah!!!