Golden Light

Texting teen-agers…Both, they text me and I text them…in point: texting my early riser at 6 a.m. when O, so sick. And he was there. And brought me water. So I could take fever reducing medicine.

Companionship of my teens


Making Pizza

Yellow tulips in early golden light, sage green tablecloth. Love Baskets. Easter.


My darlings, “playing a story” out in the yard, on the play set. They decorate everything they touch. They decorate my life with beauty, joy, and grace.

A soft blanket in the grass

the gentling hand of my Lord

Cleansing tears

Finding beauty outside my window, beauty in sunsets, golden light, bluebirds, autumn colors, spring blossoms. It is all there.


Spring rain, spring blossoms

the spin of my rings

the way he cooks ,laughs, cares, plays with our children

those who pray and the answers to those prayers

Panera on a Saturday morning at 8

Matt Maher on continuous play through the blue tooth speaker; the blue tooth speaker!


the night before Easter…

a conversation on the porch and hope for a new and better doctor


A basket full of Easter eggs for my loves

Reading about an Amish knitting circle, literature I love, and Scripture all in one during long days of sickness

Morning Meeting and incorporating more of the MP Enrichment guide; reading Wee Gillis and sharing life, bagpipes, Grandma, increasing air through woodwinds 🙂

Hot honey water

Hot Showers that ease coughs

Pu-Erh Tea

Candlelight on Sunday evenings and fellowship round the table

Hot Won-Ton Soup



-Counting gifts througha misted view, with a fist clutched heart-

1 John 1: 16 For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.