Harry the Dirty Dog…with these two. Be still my heart.

The very first book in the series… the original Harry the Dirty Dog… has been in our family library for 16 years. Several years down the road… I think in mountain days when “the middle line” were small, I completed the series.

Walking by, during one of my many read alouds of this book  lately, my oldest son said, “That book has been a part of us for as long as I can remember…” This was said with great fondness on his part. And answered with equal fondness on mine.

Yes. Because, when my little girl came to me with this book, and I cuddled her next to me and began, “Harry was a black dog with white spots who liked everything…” that fondness flooded my heart too, the words were rolling out down memory lane. Beloved favorite book of our children.

Beloved gift of a precious great grand-mama.

And so I said, “Why yes, because it was given to us when you were a baby- from your great- grandmother, my Momsy.” A special collection, gifted to me. And I remembered that first nursery, with the classic pooh border round the ceiling, and the first little bookshelf stocked. And that book, along with Corduroy, Mike Mulligan, and so many others lined up in a promising row. Promises of richness that have been fulfilled abundantly and still continue.

I turned over the contents of a bookshelf or two- to find all the books so my girls  and I could relish them all.

There is just nothing like the soul satisfying delight of experiencing a child encountering wonder, so fresh and lively, in the thrall of such a book. Soapsuds flying, turning from a black dog with white spots back to a white dog with black spots… in the end, at rest, in the slanted golden light, with the scrub brush -peeking.

And in turn… I realize:

Something old…something new.

This year, I have made some delightful new memories with never before experienced books (to me) with my little girls…like Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb, and Ten Little Rubber Ducks. New to them and new to me and wonderful, rich memories…old and new.

O, blessed !