I paused for a bit in heart and mind… surrounding her birthday. It felt a bit surreal. This is the very first time I have ever had a three year old and not had a new baby or one on the way. The closest I have been on this road…was the year Joshua turned three and the twins were expected soon. I took some time to contemplate.

She had a lovely day. Full of sunshine, fun, gifts, delight.

Three things about my darling Norah- with one to grow.

1.) Favorite f00d- cupcakes and ketchup (not together 😉 )

2.) Favorite color- Purple

3.) Favorite toy- her answer: stuffed “bambis”- (my interpretation- her plush baby deer)

One to grow..

4.) Favorite song- every word of her answer- distinct: Jesus Loves Me

Blessed birthday sweet girl!