A young man in our house turned ten just as February almost turned March.

What a delight he is!

There were home-made cinnamon rolls to start his day! A special treat for 10! I usually make a quick and easy cinnamon roll biscuit on birthdays.


Ten Things plus 1 about Jonah

1.) His favorite color is yellow (sunny just like his temperament! 🙂 )

2.)His favorite breakfast is waffles

3.) His favorite food is cinnamon rolls

4.) His favorite drink is lemonade

5.) His favorite music is: Newsboys “Restart” and TobyMac’s “Me without You”

6.) His favorite book is Redwall

7.)His favorite instrument is viola

8.)His favorite time of year is Christmas

9.) His favorite hymn is Amazing Grace

10.) His favorite poem is Stopping by Woods on A Snowy Evening

11.) 0ne to grow! His favorite day of the week is: Sunday

Blessed birthday, my son!