I thought I would share this helpful tip I discovered regarding eye patching little ones.

Our twins have to patch significantly. We still have not made it to the daily goal the doctor set before us. We have been down the road with patching- before. Our oldest girl patched for a season and it was much more trying for her because we didn’t have these helpful resources!  For her, we had orto pad stickers that would stick to her skin, get caught in her hair… ugh. Then we tried a “pirate-type” patch but the strap would slide down. Although, it was less trying in terms of her compliance and her need not be as severe than it has been for me trying to path with these two little twinnies.

Anyway- behold the Croakies Children’s Eyewear Retainer! This, coupled with this cloth eye patch that goes right over the glass lense  makes for a relatively pain-less patching experience. They find patching MUCH much more comfortable with the eyewear retainer.

In the fall, I discovered Croakies when I was shopping for soccer supplies. Two children with eye glasses needed to have their eye wear securely strapped to their head. During this season, patching was a struggle and little girls’ glasses kept sliding down and they would look up, over, and around their patch! I secured the glasses to their head with an extra eyewear retainer and everyone was so much happier!

I hope this tip helps someone!