The other day, I found them. They were pulling book after book off our wall of shelves. I was full of consternation. What mess was this? What the aftermath? A few words were spoken- and after- all was clean.


They were collecting. Collecting a small gathering for their personal reading.

And this is what I found:


This made my heart swell. Swell. This was my little boy’s stash. So many of these were very very favorites of my big boys when they were small. O, the memories. And, O, how my heart delighted in his very eager interests.

Then later… I came upon this. My little blondie girl suddenly became very attached to her “horse book.” She would “read” it and carry it around. This is personal reading time for her big brother. She joined him. Of her own accord.

IMG_20160225_110824107 (1)IMG_20160225_110821459

It is hard to believe that this coming school year, I really will, be teaching her to read.

I stumbled upon an inscription I wrote in one of our favorites that my brown haired twin darling has requested again and again. It was written to my girl on her fifth birthday. That’s my big girl. When her sisters were just a hope in the heart of God. When I had only hope that a little flock of femininity would bless and fill our home. And…the little girl next to me, she’s turning five this summer.

Our life is paved with books. And I’m glad.

Glad, glad, glad….