Happiest Birthday to our third teen-ager!! In his own words, he has long awaited this day!

An interview with Asher. Newly 13.

1.) Favorite Recent Reads: Golden Goblet, The Ranger’s Apprentice, Little Men

2.) Favorite Music Artist: Toby Mac

3.) Favorite Food: Fruit Salad

4.) Favorite Color: Dark Green

5.)Favorite Musical Instrument: Piano

6.) Favorite Free Time Activity: Working on and with Computers

7.)Favorite Place he’s been: Our small town in North Carolina

8.)Favorite Song: Feel It by Toby Mac

9.)Favorite Fun Thing To Do:  Hang out with cousins

10.)Favorite Movie: Avengers : Age of Ultron

11.) Facts about Asher: Boy Scout ranking up two levels in January; musically talented- plays piano, drum, and guitar; extremely hands-on and handy with electronics and appliances; loves to work with and on computers and technology; very good at Math; enjoys soccer; very determined and hard working; lives life with much fortitude and grace managing life threatening food allergies to dairy and tree nuts; funny and fun to be around.

12.)Favorite School Subject: School Reading

13.)Favorite Scripture Verse Psalm 119:105: Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.


14.) One to grow:  Pet he wants to get: Bunny Rabbit- Breed- Netherland Dwarf.

Happy Birthday my son! We love you!