Twin B

In a plaintive, sorrowful, emotional voice after choosing not to eat most of her dinner and being dismissed from the table:

“My tummy is rumbling for different food.”

Littlest Girl

Goes about the house taking care of “babies.” Some she says…”That’s my girl”… others..”that’s my baby girl.”

Todd tucks her in tonight and gives her the antibiotic she is currently on. She slurps it down like a pro and he says, “You’re such a big girl!” And she says, “No, I a baby girl.” She often calls herself my baby girl. Love.

Joshua, standing in the kitchen with an empty plate in hand. Todd at the helm at the counter. He barks- in the flurry- what do you want? Small boys blurts: “Hamburger!” or another time “Pancake!” Brave boy. Hilarious voice. The memory makes us all bend over and shake with laughter.

Twin A… very emphatically telling me: “Only Melodee is allowed to touch my sore throat- not Norah!” “Where’s your sore throat?” I ask. “It’s in my tummy!” She points (to her tummy).  This speech was delivered after a little quarrel between Norah and herself that might have involved a push before I intervened. We have a little (hopefully explanatory) chat about sore throats and sore tummies.

The Things They Say.