This week was full of Thanksgiving preparations.

Twin A-

On discovering (early in the week), that we (she and twin B would be helping)were making Chocolate Pie for Thanksgiving and she would not be allowed to eat ANY until Thursday, melted in a puddle of (loud) tears.

Then, Tuesday night, she sufficiently recovered. I am standing on one side of the counter talking to my oldest son and behind me, dancing and twirling in happy circles, a little voice is heard piping in great excitement (literally). I am trying to listen to Micah and not inclining my ear to the little one. But then. I realized what is actually being joyously proclaimed in the midst of our conversation.

“I’ so e’cited! I’so e’cited! On Thanksgiving we get to eat Chocolate Pie!”

Each night was accompanied by little discussions about our Thanksgiving Feasts and the delights to be served.

Which caused Todd to remark wryly, that she would be crying again on Thanksgiving when he predicted she would choose not to eat her Turkey and other good things and thus miss out on the anticipated Chocolate Pie.

(I am happy to say that did NOT happen.She knew and took to heart that admonishment to eat her dinner.)

And, tonight, Friday night, at the dinner table. Plaintively.

“I miss my Chocolate Pie.”

The Chocolate Pie was a new element to our feast this year and it was completely gone by breakfast this morning.

My girl, and her heart for Chocolate Pie.

The Things They Say.