Some vignettes:

We have been dealing with little ants at this house… lots of little ants in the last few months.

A few months ago, I was sitting on the brown rocking chair and suddenly, Joshua, standing straight upright said, “Those ants don’t have any brains!! One just was walking along the table and walked right over the edge. It fell to the ground!” He is all astonishment.

I laughed.

On Saturday, I turned on the Eden String Quartet. O, how I love this beautiful, godly dvd. The music can bring tears to my eyes. It features two violins, a viola, and a cello. My littlest girl was sitting right next to me. She had never seen this dvd before. She is watching carefully. The quartet is playing. Suddenly, she says, “That is so cool!” I, look at her. I do a double take. What did she just say? I ask- “What is so cool?” She points at the musicians. “That is so cool!” She is two.

The Things They Say

I am reading her(Norah) a precious picture book: Prayer for A Child by Rachel Field. She is emphatically telling me she sees a violin. She is looking for the violin. I am completely flummoxed. I had no idea any violin was in said book. Then I find it. A teeny, tiny angel is playing a violin.

My violin girl. The things they say (and do).

Today, I took the six older children on a special trip- to one of our favorite places. Barnes and Nobles. Joshua most likely has no memory of ever being there before. I don’t think he has been in one since he was a baby. I have no memory of ever going to one with the twins… so-

I am standing with him and Jonah and Abi and we are looking at a shelf full of Legos and other items. He stands straight- looks all around-taking it all in, and says,

“Mommy, this place is stunning!”


The Things They Say