{This post was written Monday evening}

Psalm 18:28

28 For it is you who light my lamp;
    the Lord my God lightens my darkness.


I feel so happy blogging. At peace. Centered. Focused on what really matters to me, what really is the pulse of my heart. Weaving a tapestry with words and my love. What a blessed privilege it is, too, two hours, to write, while all the kids are still up…it is grace. (Thank you!)

Today, was a discouraged Monday, and it still has some rough edges, poking sharply. Even now.

Especially now. As bedtime ramps up.

When I feel lost in a slump of discouragement and all I can see are the “what I didn’ts…”, or just the feeling of blah in my soul and body, I find hope and grace, light in the darkness, light shining on the Way, by choosing to count grace gifts and remembering… refocusing on the visions of my heart, that come from the Lord. Purposing again that ministering to my precious ones is my calling, my path, my priority. I gain priceless refreshment to refuel for the journey. And that is what blogging is for me. You know, it is a continual choice. It is never too late. It is never stagnant. The commitment renews itself again and again. In every season.

Endless Gifts

Sweet Sunday
My son, completing all of his work, after a struggle to get a good handle on it
Tenth grade “school” pictures. The first ones we have ever had. And, O! how I love them. My son.
Basketball provisions
My daughter’s (oldest) happy squeals of delight when she opened letters from sweet friends- and found adorable stickers. Love!
My little ones
My two teens and, in 27 days, I will have three! teens.
Leaving October behind. I am glad to be in November. I love November. I do. For all the reasons found in this beautiful book: In November
Her handiness with model magic. To me, she is amazing.
Teaching high school writing. I am still getting a handle on this. But I love being a writing mentor to my kids. The joy of my oldest getting 100 on his essay… O, the confirmation this was on so many levels.

I found them…just like this.


5 children worked together to build this detailed Lego fortress.


Sweet dresses from dear friends


Breakfast at their little table




Alone time with Joshua and special friends


Our daily routine.


Gigantic, mammoth Woolly Bear Caterpillar




Her grin


Little and Big. She doesn’t quite have the violin hold down like her little sister. We see a lot of this, though. Especially littlest one.




Tenth Grade!


Her handiwork