Todd defrosted a big turkey we had saved in our freezer. On Sunday, he was preparing it for our dinner. One twin took note of the massive bird and declared she could see its ‘eye’…she talked about its size with great excitement. The other, well.

She appeared at my side in all pensive seriousness. And then she said, “Mommy, why do we eat animals?” She is 4. And I, I think to myself… is she really talking about what I think she is talking about… so I test it. And probe a little… and sure enough, “Mommy, the turkey, why are we going to eat the turkey? I don’t want to eat animals.” The shock and appall is evident. She is an animal lover. She spends so much of her day coloring beloved pictures of animals we print for her. I try to quell this train of thought because, truly, we are not in a position to support vegetarianism at this time- not to mention we do not consume any dairy products(life threatening allergy) in our family and it would seriously hurt her nutrition. (and she doesn’t like to eat vegetables!) However… that thought process was in motion. Sweet, tenderhearted girl. This I know. This is also the girl who put her hand on her heart and took a step back in dismay when she learned that I (unwittingly, unknowingly) threw away paper strips that were her “rainbow” she was saving just for me. With sincere apology on my behalf, she took to the rainbow making with due diligence once more. 🙂

The Things They Say!

I am driving home with just three little girls in my car. Three girls who are, seemingly daily, asserting their feminine uniqueness, preferences, and emotional intelligence. New to our home- we have, “She’s not my friend!” when upset or hurt over something. It makes Todd and I raise our eyebrows, we can’t help chuckle, and we also furrow brows and wonder… this girl thing. It is new for us.

these little girls are riding side by side in their matching pink and gray carseats. Three in a row. And one little girl- just spontaneously says, “I love Salome. She’s my friend.” Then. The little girl next to her says- with confidence and authority. “I love Johanna.” (Dear ones, you made quite an impression- you have no idea!) And then. Littlest one, not to be outdone or left out. Lisps confidently- “I love Elsie!” O, I laughed. (I hope you do, too.)

The Things They Say!

Truth: I am trying to get in my groove and flow with my girls. My precious girls. Sometimes, I stare at them and then I grab them close and hug or rub their little backs. Remembering the sweet nurslings I can still see in those still rounded cheeks and sweet lips. They are still so much the same in heart and soul. We come from the womb, who we are, inherently, and what a privilege to discover the gift of personality, uniqueness, love in each precious one and be a part of its growth to maturity and in strength and beauty. My baby has hardly felt like a baby at all. She has been so alert and interested in everything and active from the get- go.
So, I take a few minutes to catch my breath and re-center. To better love and attend. To better know- my people.