I have been greatly enjoying my year thus far teaching preschool. And just tonight, I realized this is probably my last go round. I shocked myself and determined to try to enjoy it truly much more than I am.

Preschool is such a wonderful time in our family. It is a time when I seek to lay a strong foundation in beautiful books. The books that are the heritage of our family. It is a time when I gently teach about Jesus who we love and His love for us. ย Simple Bible stories, sweet character books, nurturing devotionals. Hymn Singing and Bible Songs. Nursery Rhymes and Mother Goose. Memorizing precious prayers.

Some resources that have been treasures for me recently:

Memoria Press Preschool and literatureย I have been homeschooling for over ten years and I have always taught preschool. This is the first curriculum that I have ever recommended on this blog and can truly say I love. It suits me perfectly and I am so so pleased with how they are learning. I do not have experience teaching boys with it, though. My girls, they adore it and especially love the workbook component in the Jr. K program. I do not think my boys would have been so very enthused in that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Other curriculums I have used and loved (but not so perfectly as this) have been Before Five in A Row and Little Hands to Heaven. Little Hands to Heaven suited my boys but I struggled with a great longing for much more beauty and literature. I was constantly adding to it. I supplemented every letter with literature and fine art. In fact, I even wrote a little preschool program that featured it at the heart with all my supplements organized and scheduled in. We are making beautiful memories using the Memoria Press program and my heart is full of peace.

Silly Willy Moves Through the ABC’s

Jesus Loves Me

Twinkle Twinkle Little Starย ( Twinkle, Twinkle has a long history in our family…with one beloved Ama singing it at certain bedtimes she presided over… and then our String players all starting with the “Twinkles” and now, one precious little two year old- who seems to be born to Violin, playing and singing it all day long. It, along with Jesus Loves Me, are her two requested songs at every bed and naptime. This imaginative telling captivates us.)

Its Time To Sleep,ย My Love

Its Time for Bedย (so much a part of our family culture that Todd and I spontaneously began quoting it at bedtime to two young boys… who, I then discovered, ย were completely oblivious to what we were sharing. I remedied that immediately.)

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt (Read very dramatically)

The Alphabet Room (still a favorite for so many years)

The Picture Bible for Little People

Blessings on your days,