So, we took these photos in September… on a whirlwind, hectic day… when I just tried to fit it in… with grand hopes (well, with Todd reassuring actually but deep in my heart- I knew. I knew that this would probably be the best I would manage this year…) that we would recreate the photo at a better time. I even saved all the grade level papers carefully in grand hopes…we had to be somewhere, I forget where now… and Todd was home and I was bound and determined to take this photo. I usually take it in August. It was already toward the end of September.  Different  new commitments this year disrupted and have changed our rhythms and have led to the difficulty in taking and re-taking. And soon, it will be Thanksgiving and I will be taking those dear to me photos- so, well, here I am.

This is the best group I managed, complete with the sun in face salute. 🙂 My, I love these precious ones.  So, so dear to me. My heart, walking around outside my body. These are my people. I love them.



10th, 9th, 7th, 6th, 4th, 2nd, Jr. K, Jr. K, preschool (2 1/2)