I almost titled this post… getting ready for 2015/16… but the truth is… we are ready and we have been ready and we are just about to ramp up to full throttle…full steam ahead. Our train is fueled, revved and ready to go!

Our new homeschool year is at hand.

It has been months of process, really. Planning. And we have been gradually moving back to school filled days over the last several weeks.

Tonight, I worked on my favorite, favorite part of our school year. Our Morning Meeting agenda.  I am still working on exactly when and how we are going to accomplish this…  I suspect it won’t actually be “in the morning” unless perhaps on Fridays- but I am not sure.

Over the past two weeks, I have been filling in our new grid– student by student. Last week was rough, and I actually radically changed our mornings. One day in on the new routine, and I felt like I made the best decision I have ever made with a school grid!

It’s time to begin again. Welcome to the new year!