A beautiful weekend away with Todd… and coming home to such open, happy faces in the children and sweet memories for them as well.

thankful to leave the children with grandparents they love so much

Feeling tightly wound inside and seeking God to understand why

little girls so fresh and fragrant after bath… damp hair curling, sweet faces shining, peeking out my bedroom window…that rounded face in profile. Happy, clean scamper down the hallway, little skirts twirling

Good talks with teens

Cardinals on the lawn and in the trees and flitting by in the sky

Her little face, pressed against the glass, waiting… and then the happy shrieks when she sees me coming

My little three year old telling me again and again, “It was SO MUCH FUN at Ama’s!” Loudly and emphatically.

Then later… on a second trip: “I love Ama’s house!”

All the flowers and all the life in their yard…

Getting her all set up with a snack after she had been quite distraught- and she- so happy… settled. She blows me a kiss to show her love…which is really just her hand pressed to her mouth- and then the kiss while she looks at me with happy love.  My heart. (E)

Baby dragon flying in the wind (M)

Visiting a bit with friends and it brightened both our hearts and countenances

Watching them run and scamper together… blond and brown. Best of friends.

Clutching her close and we are cuddled, her sweet head tucked under my chin, heart to heart. My arms wrapped round this bundle of grace, this blessing of love. I could sit for hours. I think of the babies, my babies, I have tucked just so.  I sit and burn the memory into my heart and soul. Little Mellie, gathered up, tucked in.

Flowers gracing porch and deck and table…

Cupping his chin in my hands and staring into those sweet blue eyes. One on one, telling him how much I treasure him.

Clean children- one of my favorite things.

A trip to Walmart in warm, sunshine rain with two sons of mine. (13 and newly 7) and how we traipsed through the Garden Center… sloshing in puddles and being sprinkled. How they helped me pick flowers and how he(J) called Petunias “trumpet flowers” and “hummingbird flowers” convinced that if we bought the bright pink and purple ones hummingbirds would come to visit.  We picked some hanging baskets and flowers for the porch… and then we wandered a bit through the store and I found… a beautiful butterfly candle holder on clearance… for the foyer. With N(13) by my side, full of thoughtful advice, and J(little 7) buoyed up in glee over the toy section. 🙂 Blessed memory.

And… then,  the perfect match in the flower pot from my mom(for the foyer) and those special clearance candles. The fingerprints of God.

Having our dear, sweet North Carolina friends here in this place

Red, red roses

birthday celebration success for Todd

butterfly balloons

This house

I never want to forget how…

she calls them “‘E and ‘Mo” …

and how A first called her “Ela” in her gruff little voice and then she was Wer-Wa  and Ria for so long. .

May and June Days. Close eyes. Still soul.

This almost last day of June… I start some preschool with my little girls. My heart.