Tonight, we had a lovely, fun “summertime is coming!” Burger dinner. It makes my heart happy to see plates loaded with burgers and bright colored veggies, pickles, and ketchup, special sauce and fries, steamed veggies. All delicious goodness. Happy Sunday Feasting.

Before all this goodness appeared on the counter, I was happily grilling away on our George Foreman and slicing green peppers for the veggie platter.

Children were scattered all about the house and needed some prodding to come for the meal. I think they needed an announcement to know all was finally ready and it was time!

Todd strolled to the bottom of the stairs and commandingly called:

“Gentlemen! Lady! It’s time for dinner!”

All our boys and one dear daughter were upstairs.

Gentlemen. Lady. Perfect.

The Things They Say.