I am back. Again. 🙂

It seems like this is the normal rhythm of life. Flow. Divert. Adjust. Regroup. Flow. It happens in our schooling. It happens in our routines. It happens in my writing.

But, my, it feels SO good. So good to be back in this quiet space where my heart truly lives.

And so… what

what do I want to say…today.

I will share some fun and delight from the children. I am so very blessed and grateful for my older children. I have been hard, hard pressed to find the place, the center where I am even attuned to these precious children. And one of my teens has been a sweet kindred spirit in having ears to hear some of these precious things and calling my attention to the moment. Blessed. I am also grateful to the work of the Lord in my life- because I did go many years completely blurred. Grace redemption.

The Things They Say:


Joshua was awarded a tiny manual hedgehog timer as a reward for practicing music 100 days. He squealed in delight and scurried off into the family room… where suddenly the timer could be heard ringing- O, so satisfactorily… and what can compare- to his, “This is SO awesome!” shriek ringing forth as well. How we all laughed!

This photo says it all- the shirt he chose for his birthday picture: “Game On!” The excitement and anticipation this child had for his special day was precious and hilarious.




I am traveling in the car with all the kids. One of those- unexpected load- ups where we are all bustled willy nilly into the car to get the older boys to a meeting on time. Mellie is loaded into the car from playing in the backyard. Clutched in her hand- is a bouquet of dandelions- picked just for me. We drive and end up driving for quite a bit longer than expected. As we travel home, Mellie asks Micah, ‘Are we stopping soon?’ Micah asks why? She replies sorrowfully, “My flowers are melting.”

-They were wilting.

Another day, we are driving and stopped at a stop light. The sun shines right in her face. There is nothing I can do. The light is red. She shrieks in dismay and then cries out, “Go away sun! Go away sun! Go back to your family! Go away!” The Things They Say


I walk into the family room where two …soon three little girls- are busily playing.

I hear, “We have to fix the leak! We’ve got to fix it” They are hustling and bustling about their little table. Covering it with silkies and putting a giant laundry basket underneath it. (meanwhile, in big people life, we really were trying to fix a leak down in the basement- complete with their big sister rushing around finding containers to put under the leaks)

I ask in alarm- “What leak!”

Aymee replies-“We just ‘tending, Mommy. We ‘pre-tending!”

Little Norah- who holds out the palm of her hand and emphatically states, “Be Back! Be Back!” as she turns to leave the room… “I’ll be right back!” and how she says “Bye! See you!” Waves her hand and blows a kiss when she goes down to her playtime with her brother.

The Things They Say

Happy May!