March Endless Gifts

Sitting cross-legged on a sunny patch of carpet, sun warming my back…

Just weeks until  Spring, Glory! Hallelujah!

Turning the page on my calendar and admiring its beautiful art (with Todd) – its March!

Staring down the week facing my darling’s 2 year birthday… how does it come upon us so quickly each year. March always seems so far away- and then- suddenly! Its here.

For a husband who is an amazing cook. Sunday feast of seasoned boneless chicken thighs, stir-fried veggies, long grain rice, pear slices. We all love his seasoned, baked chicken thigh feast.

This new season at this new job. I am still holding my breath….posting this on April 1st- and yes, now it is full throttle and all its usual glory… but still- so thankful.

March! How I love thee- with your blustery winds, bright spring sunshine, life stirrings under dead winter, sudden snows, spring bulbs peeking..

The way they spin their plates to partake of the food portion of their choosing

Flaming sunsets out my window

Soda Bottle Lips on little boys, enjoying the rare treat out of a glass bottle for the first time and the way it made us laugh

How my darlings love love love their grandparents and how glad I am that they “know” them more now. More memories and experiences together. More time.

Mini-figure suprises!

Romans 12

The way she kisses. Her face all pressed, pressed- nose smooshed against mine. Her little face.  A quiet pause. And that’s the kiss. (E)

Their little prayers at the end of Family Bible

Being spared sickness so plans could still go forward

How a house becomes a home, little by little. And when they notice the little touches…

Boggle round our table! And best word, Trig, and no, not the math.

Her grin sitting in my Dad’s lap

Her little voice calling my Mom: ‘Ma! ‘Ma!

A messy tea- time breakthrough with a beloved son

A blustery March adventure to find a special place where we can watch the seasons, run, picnic, read, refresh

My blueberry babies… three little girls who love love love frozen wild blueberries as a snack

The giant group hug of cousins…more than I could ever ask or imagine….

His little voice, “Sammy!” “Sammy!”

A little girl…calling those she loves “my boy, my girl”…. My Grandad, My Grandad, My Friend, My Boy! Love.  Or Micah, my brother, my friend. Or… I say, “Let’s get into your chair kiddo” and she says, “I am not a kiddo- I’m a gurl (girl)!”  and finally- unrelated- but same little one and hysterical: Daddy, Daddy!- “Uncle Na is coming!” (Aunt Kay was really coming) –grin. –A

Prime Music. And finding George Winston’s Winter Into Spring there today (3/17). Perfect.

The best tip to make Yorkshire Gold Tea…and then I make it. Steam rising.

Warm, Irish Soda Bread

Sharing favorite picture books with my beloveds

A day in PA. So much crammed into one full day. So much goodness. Little nephew and nieces. Cousins celebrating. Colors, and Music, and Tea, and Fellowship. Chinese Food and the “kid” table. A “pu pu platter”…Home movies and a crazy, back road drive home. Endless Gifts.

Support and Fellowship at a Co-Op Open House…and I come home and several children make remarks about my happy mood. I am startled. I didn’t even notice. Will we participate there? My, I don’t know. But it was nice not to feel alone after a day somewhat frenetically researching homeschooling high school biology options.

How I wanted one more snow… a good, white covering blanket. One more day to snuggle round the fire and feel all tucked in. And it snowed. On the First Day of Spring. But I struggled to enjoy it as that day whirled round in concerns and uncertainty… but still. It snowed and two oldest sons built a snow man in the front yard in one last celebration.

Tea pot whistling

Darkness cupping me in quiet

How we share a laugh together… and I am glad, glad, glad to be a part of the people they are becoming.

Her hair, all bouquet of curls, after her bath