We had a very sweet family learning time this morning. I thought I would share the elements that lent themselves to that end. I know the children desire the same for next year- so I share it here for a memory – to remind me- and also in case it might benefit someone reading. We are currently on Spring Break and when we are on break- we have a Morning Meeting/Discipleship Meeting every day. (more on that later!)

1.) Prior to our gathering time- I prepared a hot cup of tea -steam rising, turned on some favorite music for the season-George Winston’s Winter into Spring, and began to assemble Irish Soda Bread. I put it in to bake.
2.) Our current hymn study is Be Thou My Vision. This is an Irish Hymn. I turn it on while we are gathering. So, I had it set up and after we all gathered, I turned off the music and we sang it together. We have been listening to version by Selah.
3.) Today, I began by reading aloud three special picture books I had chosen. One was a very simple non-fiction book about Saint Patrick’s Day that even the three year olds could understand- but yet, it had enough to intrigue and spark connections for us all. I also read a lovely Tasha Tudor book to the everyone that we have never enjoyed before. Finally, I shared a precious, favorite spring time book with all. The older children all exclaimed remembrances- from when they were little. I passed the books around so the children could study the illustrations.
4.) I took prayer requests and we prayed. We had a time of silent prayer where we can privately take requests to the Lord. Then I closed our prayer time.
5.) One of the older children dramatically recited our Scripture memory passage aloud to us all. Psalm 121.
6.) We focused on Saint Patrick’s Breastplate for our poetry selection.
7.) We listened to a bit of the hymn.
8.) I read several more details about Saint Patrick from some online resources.
9.)Oldest son removed the Soda Bread from the oven.
10.) We closed in prayer and I blessed the children with a Scripture passage. 2 Corinthians 13:14
11.) I turn on Robin Mark’s Revival in Belfast. We talk about him a little and enjoy the music.
12.) I served (with some help- it got a little hectic!)warm Irish Soda bread to everyone’s great delight and I was pleased they enjoyed it! They asked that we have it every year.

Note: Living Books Curriculum offers “Holiday Helpers” (to those on their mailing (email) list) for just about every holiday. They are free and they are beautiful. I did not use this resource but I do highly recommend it!

This was a “holiday” morning meeting time. We do different things when not on holiday.