Endless Gifts February


Birthday dinner out (in the city) with my brother. Making a memory and a new tradition.

Sweetest of sweet treasured friends who truly were the loving arm of God to me. Reminding me He sees me, sees my heart

Being served (happily and leasurely!) dinner at the Olive Garden at 9:45 at night on my birthday. I do not take this for granted!

Dark Chocolate

The happy affect when all the blinds in the back of the house are opened and sunlight slants through windows. And then, when it slants across roses and candles and a lit fireplace, and red crepe paper and a clean, clear craft (kitchen) table. Golden joy.

The realization that I am not a crafty, handy girl- I am a candlelight and roses girl- as I manfully try to decorate for a Valentine’s gathering. And yes, all you who know me well are most assuredly smirking- because- yes, you have known this all. along. Yes. But every now and again, I seem to need a good reminder.

Their hair in braids. They are big enough for braids!

Their “bling” and how she carefully puts on her bracelets every day.

Little boy, “Mom, mom! I made a hoop!” The Things They Say

Deep sounds of Cello, rising…

How my eight year old (o, so soon to be nine!) completely surprised me by pleading pleading to play Scrabble- and I, I am sorry to say- dragging my heels… and then he starts our game off with the word WRATH. Love.

His face across the Scrabble board…

Them six, all out together, building a snow fort. Happy and Carefree

Strong sons who can suit up and shovel

Five great haircuts

Hot tea and Evenings

Gas Fireplace

The beautiful sunset view out my kitchen window, the yellow-gold light of yonder house glowing admist the darkening branches and snow covered landscape, brilliant flaming sky

Celebrating 9!

A Cupcake from my brother and the whole serendipitous union of Cupcakes, Maryland, my brother, Christmas, and Nutcracker. So perfect.

Talent Night – so many things to love.

God’s Kindness to me in Christ Jesus.