February 23rd Daybook

For a long time, years actually, I have enjoyed reading certain Daybooks and I love how different writers make them their own. I thought I would try to begin keeping one. If nothing else, to force me to put my eye on the tangible, every day detail of the present and capture it a bit. Although, this captures Monday- it is being posted several days later. I think that will probably be how this rolls for me. 🙂

February 23rd Day Book
Outside my window-

cloudless blue sky, sunshine!, white snow. The many other houses in our neighborhood. The sweet “Narnian” street lamp in our front yard.

I am thinking.-

hard about this passage of Scripture- 2 Corinthians 3. This was something that was precious to me in my Young Life days and I sense a quickening life- the flicker of Spirit as pertains to ministry toward my children.

I am thankful-

for Mondays. They only come but once a week. 😉

In the kitchen-

A Beef Enchilada Bake. It is Discipleship Day today and the goal is to always try for a yummy, table-round meal on that day. More care and time is allotted toward that end, anyway.

I am wearing-

my brightest pink Lands End fleece pullover. Shocking, I know. I look shocking. You can’t miss me. Wool socks! Since January, I have worn socks almost every day. Maryland. Winter. I LOVE wool socks. This is nothing short of miraculous because, in general, socks and I do not mix, mesh, collaborate, whatever. It all started when I was a little girl….

I am reading-

too many things to list here…

I am looking forward to-

the weekend. A little boy at my house is turning 9 and there are all kinds of plans in tow. It is Talent Night with our homeschool group and my children have prepared many (many!) acts.  They have waited for this night ever since last year’s event (which was November 2013!). I am anxious for it to meet their expectation and I am really, really looking forward to watching their offerings.

I am learning-

Chemistry and Physics via Apologia Young Explorers with some of my kids

Around the house- 

a clean counter and a vacuumed family room. Sigh happy.

I am pondering-

listening to some talks via the Classical Academic Press website and a comment I just read on this blog
homeschooling high school, transcripts, course descriptions and extracurriculars
Nutrition and Eating Plans
that Beginning Discipleship Time (aka Morning Meeting) with our hymns playing in the background makes all the difference

I am creating-

I am trying to create a Chalkboard Poster Print on Zazzle. We’ll see.

I am grateful for-

the opportunity to share with my children about different Love Languages today- and truly feeling like what I shared sank in good soil. May it bear rich fruit!

I don’t ever want to forget-

their little voices “reading” Scripture at Family Bible

Some of my favorite things-

The Mamas and the Babies.
Here is a new one just from today:



The Things They Say:
(from last week- more of these coming soon…)

Little Boy shooting small basketball at little hoop suctioned to the door.

He shoots. He shoots! He jumps! He shoots!

Finally, it goes in.

High pitched, happy, six year old voice,

“I made a hoop Mommy! I made a hoop!”

The Things They Say.- Joshua

Discovering Blog2Print today. I had previously tried to deal with Blurb with no success. So happy about this!

Wool socks and Crocs.

A peek into my day-

Soon they will be too big for these chairs (those twinnies). Real life. They were watching a little movie on our kindle while they ate lunch after a busy school morning. Laundry growing on the couch behind them. A variety of peoples’ items on the largest hot spot in our house ( I think). Coffee, tea, works for me! Motivating to me to do better at keeping a visually peaceful space. Help me Lord!


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