100 Days

Last winter, my girl came to me and asked if she could work for a medal and play 100 days on her violin. I had no idea what she was talking about.

Beginning Day 51. Over “half-way” there!

Apparently she had been carefully and quietly observing students earning medals at Fall and Spring Recitals. She determined to earn one, too. Somehow, I happened to miss all of these recitals as Todd and I were tag- teaming and I tended to be the parent to “man” the dress rehearsal recital and stay home with the littles for the real thing. I would experience the recitals vicariously through recording. But I never saw the award ceremony.

Well, I printed a 100 Day chart off the internet, confirmed with Todd that they actually do award these medals, and Abigaile set to work. In retrospect, I should have reached out to her teacher but for some reason I didn’t! She only had to restart once. With a true 100 day chart, the student plays 100 days in a row and if they miss a day, they have to start right back at the beginning and begin again. She finished her 100 days just days after Spring Recital 2014.  We moved in the midst of this as you can see in one of the photos. She persevered through all the upheaval and packing/unpacking of a whole household move. Amazing. Through a variety of circumstances, she was not awarded her medal until the Winter Concert which took place in January of 2015.




The final practice and …. the momentous placement of the last sticker!





It was so worth the wait. The instructors and leadership at her music school made it so very special. Abi very quietly did this all on her own. Even her teacher was surprised and so proud!

My heart is so full. How I love this girl… Her achievement has served to inspire all of our family and we now have children working on charts for all different instruments. Abigaile is working on her second chart and will receive a pin to add to her medal. One other child is working for the same place as she is, and will receive a medal at recital if he continues and completes.  He is well on his way!

The rest are charting for me. And I am planning something special to reward their diligence. When Todd and I discussed this and the worthiness of this goal, we both agreed that we have seen tremendous musical growth with this commitment. It is truly amazing the way doing this helps them leap forward in ability.

We have realized that the Spring semester- which moves through the Winter Season is the best time for our family to attempt a 100 Day Chart. Very minimal traveling and circumstances most favorable for completion!

Here they are- before their performances.

The sweetness of this moment still brings tears to my eyes.

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