The Mama and The Baby

The Mama and The Baby.

I find these all over the house. My heart.

These are just some samplings of the last many months that I happened to capture. All toys tend to be converted into ‘mamas and babies’ as exhibit dinosaur (and Thomas and trash can!) so tellingly presents. 🙂


I did find this alligator (it is actually a Caiman) exactly like this the day I took this photo. Baby all nestled up on ‘mama’s’ nose while little mother was hustled off to nap


They actually placed the “baby” trash can right there.


DSCN6617 DSCN6733  DSCN6716DSCN6720

And here they are, my darlings. Many, many are their precious ways.

Lately, they often take Mama Elephant and baby elephant and Mama Cat and baby Cat to naps.

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