A Song

A dear friend shared this song with me in a post on my prior entry. So kindred and timely- I am going to share it here. Also add this note post Christmas:- that Todd gifted me with the whole lovely Christmas album as one of my gifts this year. It is beautiful! I love it.

A little backstory: Our family loves Casting Crowns… some of us with a connection more than others.  I had never heard this song before and shared it with my boys with great delight. We especially enjoyed the instruments featured as our family plays many of them or hopes to (drum set! 😉 ).  So fitting as Micah actually requested Casting Crowns music for Christmas this year…. so this was just so perfectly timely.

Blessings to you this Christmas Week. Praying that hearts are stilled with the wonder of Christ’s coming and the promise of all that He is in the midst of the intensity and celebrations that fill days. May it be a joyful, peaceful, Jesus- filled Christmas 2014.

May God bless your celebrations and be rich in your midst.

And so-

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day- Live- Casting Crowns.

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