Advent is whirring by quickly and slowly here. Each week a blur, each day a considered endeavor of commitments and duties. My rhythms are askew and I can’t seem to find their anchor. I know I often feel askew this time of year…but this year, I really do.

There is a loud cacophony of noise drowning out the quiet stillness and contemplation.

The peace of my heart.

I want to find it. Desperately.

Peace is a Person.


Beloved Wooden Nativity


Advent Candlelight

Advent Candlelight


Christmas Cookie Making- Snickerdoodles


Enjoying Play Kitchen Food all to herself




Happy Baker

Today I read The Nutcracker adapted by Janet Schulman and The Carpenter’s Gift: a Christmas Tale about the Rockefeller Center Tree  to my two little boys. And it was good. It was very good.

Up next a song…