Little Girl- The Things They Say

On a recent early morning

a little girl

the littlest girl…

was in the kitchen with me at the start of the day. Her Daddy is getting ready to leave for the day. He crouches down to her level and opens arms wide for a hug.

“Elenorah, can I have a hug?” he asks.

“” she replies and runs into his outstretched arms, tousled curls pressed against a crisp dress shirt. He releases her and stands up.

And then….


she turns back toward her favorite drawer in the kitchen

(a drawer where she can often be found disturbing cups hither and yon)

“Thank you, Daddy.”

We lock eyes. Did we really just hear what we thought we heard? We did.

She said thank you, Daddy. That’s our girl. 21 months.

The Things They Say.

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