Birthday Blessings

Asher turned twelve on Saturday. We had such a wonderful celebration. Asher always blesses me with his heart for the enjoyment of others.  He always makes sure to choose multiple food items that his siblings will enjoy (even if he can’t eat them!) when planning his birthday menu. He truly cares for the happiness of others. He can be a little over ambitious in his choices. I had to trim his list a bit this year. 😉 Even so, we were all so full from his dinner- we saved the cake for the next day (at his request, no less)!

Memories from this year that added that little extra gleam of joy:

Asher loves TobyMac. Todd will often play a game with the kids while riding in the car. The game is: who can guess the Christian Singer/Band fastest. 🙂 They have all bonded around the radio this year. So- Asher asked for a TobyMac CD for his birthday. I researched a bit and then wisely consulted Todd. I went with the choice he recommended- and O! we had a great time listening to the CD together on his birthday and recognizing so many of the songs. Everyone dancing or laughing(and when I say everyone, I mean everyone! 😉 ). Never forget little Mellie’s dance moves. She loves to dance. Today, some of us were driving home from picking Micah up and a song from his CD came on the radio. I declared this music the Family Theme Song(s). Fun times.

Two of Asher’s siblings worked together to purchase a special gift for him. Watched prices, bought it, hid it, and then surprised him with it. He was so blessed and surprised. It meant so much to him and later he thanked God for helping him with his relationships with his siblings…something he had been concerned about and praying about. So blessed.

He had a very happy birthday and I am SO glad.

20141129_172030 20141129_172042 20141129_172150 20141129_174516

Happy, happy birthday sweet son! You are a treasure and an amazing twelve year old.

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