Let 2014 be remembered as the year we had a White Thanksgiving!



Our holiday prep takes several days.
I was amazed and proud this year as my two oldest sons took wonderful initiative- all on their own. O, it does my heart good to watch them shoulder duties with strength and initiative.


My precious teen-age sons

Son 1 looked at the dessert list and was ready, willing, and able to conquer it all on his own. I stepped in and we divided it up so that all cooks could lay claim to some of the fame. 🙂 But, he still managed to knock out 2 pumpkin rolls (help from me with the filling), two batches of home-made rolls, and three pumpkin pies all by himself. Then, he suited up, and went out to shovel our driveway and our entire sidewalk…which he did… all by himself. Todd came home to a completely shoveled house. I am all astonishment. We are living Psalm 127. Living it.

Son 2 chose the two most time consuming recipes as his personal responsibility and he happily and adeptly went to work chopping massive amounts of fruit. The end result- two Jewish Apple Cakes and our family (and his personal) favorite: Cranberry Relish. We didn’t originally plan to have two Apple Cakes. There was a slight mishap in cooking that led to us having to adjust to save the recipe. It’s all part of the learning process!


Son 3 and oldest Daughter made both the frosting and the batter for Pumpkin Bars.


Son 4 helped me make Chocolate Chip Pie and Deviled Eggs. Oldest daughter also helped with the hard boiled eggs.

Son 5 was convalescing on the sick couch… a little longer than necessary, I might add. He was very happy to be bathed and up again before the end of the day!

Babies were playing and being supervised all throughout.

I could really feel and see the difference between last year and this year. Wow! They are getting so big and capable.

If I do not choose to “lift up my eyes to the hills… from where does my help come? It comes from the Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth” (Psalm 121)
I will just stumble on my way, blind, blind, blind to His Goodness, Grace, Mercy, Kindness in my midst. I had a few major melt downs on food preparation day. I am sorry to say- yet not sorry to share- because it is true and my heart was very sad. I was blessed by one happy older son expressing his happiness in his day today. Thank You, Lord. Help them to remember the good and block out the bad!